aeronautica 3d

Aeronautica 3D, which rents out Leica BLK360 G1, G2 and Matterport PRO3 scanners, began in 1995 as a sole proprietorship; as it is today, creating 3d aircraft computer wireframe models in Autodesys Form-Z software. Form-Z was a very good free form modeling software at the time. Over 30 aircraft models were created over the next few years. The youtube video “A3Dv7” illustrates many of these aircraft. In later years, to provide even more accuracy to the models, a Leica HDS3000 was purchased to scan actual aircraft, and use the scan data as templates for more accurate dimensional models. In addition, Rapidform was purchased to help model 3D scanning pointcloud data more rapidly.

In the 2000s, scanning became the prime service. The later half of the “A3Dv7” video shows this progression. The HDS3000 was later sold, along with a Microscribe arm unit, and Aeronautica 3D settled into development of a unique seaplane design called the Avalon 1, which is a slow low level large seaplane. See the last portion of the A3Dv7 video and also visit the website www.catalinaislandseaplane.com. The seaplane design was actually started in 1995, and continues to this day until the appropriate design criteria has been reached.
Aeronautica 3D’s main mission is the development of the seaplane. It is also dedicated to its 3d scanning rental service by entering again into the industry, this time armed with Leica BLK360s. The Leica BLK360 scanner brings lower cost and more mobility to the data collectors out there. As the owner of Aeronautica 3D, I invite you to follow this site and the seaplane site, www.catalinaislandseaplane.com, when it comes online again. There will also be a shop to purchase brand items, and a blog which will be updated on a regular basis with interested topics or articles. Enjoy!